Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kitchen Pantry Ideas

pantry closet maximizes space with storage on the door as well as on a rolling cart inside. The shelves stop short of one wall, leaving space to hang a mop and broom.

This split-door pantry features a built-in wine rack, shelves for storage, and a counter work space. The French doors give a glimpse of the cupboard display and add a classic touch to the kitchen area

This floor-to-ceiling lazy Susan offers easy access and visibility of contents. The curved door protects contents and helps the storage space blend in with the kitchen cabinetry

Reach-in kitchen cupboards are a good alternative when there's not space for a walk-in pantry. This one is efficient in its combination of shallow shelves, door racks, pullout drawers, and counter storage. Double doors offer easy access, integrate the pantry into surrounding cabinetry, and protect and conceal contents

Pullout pantries offer deep shelves that utilize every inch of space without taking up much floor space. With room for small appliances, spice racks, canned goods, and cookware, this kitchen pantry frees up space, and items are stored where they are used

Split-door corner pantries are perfect for small kitchens with unused corner space. Here, the corner pantry helps keep walkways clear. Inside the pantry, custom shelving offers ample storage for food, supplies, and small appliances

Frosted-glass inserts in the doors obscure what's inside so the pantry doesn't have to be kept tidy. Plus, the doors add a light and bright element to the kitchen.

This pullout pantry takes advantage of a tight space while providing convenient access to kitchen staples

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